Disney Bracket!

With the recent release of the Incredibles 2 we wanted to take a moment and single out our Disney Bracket Challenge here at BracketBlog. There have been countless Disney brackets that have popped up over the last year and we believe that ours is seeded the best.

We recently did a small sample size of the Disney Bracket and the results were a bit surprising. The heavily favored Lion King did find its way to the final game but lost in an upset to the 13 seeded Little Mermaid! It was an amazing victory for the Little Mermaid which clawed its way to the final four on the backs of its strong soundtrack and memorable characters like the crab Sebastian and villainous octopus Ursula.

Along with the Little Mermaid and the Lion King, Toy Story 3 and Beauty & the Beast were the other two movies that found themselves in the Final Four. There were some awesome early round showdowns and upsets. #14 seed Fox and the Hound made it to the sweet 16 knocking off #3 Cinderella (irony) and #11 Mulan. Mulan had an upset of its own beating out #6 Cars before losing to Fox and the Hound.

Have any of you filled out the Disney Bracket? Who made it to your final four?

Best NBA Player of All Time

The NBA Finals have kicked off and the Golden State Warriors are playing LeBron James, err, I mean, the Cleveland Cavaliers for the fourth year in a row. The Warriors are already up 2-0 in the series and look well on their way to a 3rd championship in 4 years. Despite the fact that the Warriors are clearly the better team, people can’t shake the idea of the world’s best player leading an inferior team to the championship anyway. Can Cleveland actually win this series?

LeBron has done it before. Two years ago he willed his team to a title by beating the Warriors in game 7. This was the same Warriors team that holds the NBA’s best record and is thus a number one seed in the greatest NBA teams bracket challenge. LeBron did have a better supporting cast that year, but still people like to think…can he do it again?

Today, we place all the greatest basketball players of all time into one single bracket and have them duke it out to see who is the best. Michael Jordan and LeBron James both enter as heavy favorites in their regions. Will they make it into the final for an ultimate showdown? Who would you choose?

The final rounds of this bracket are a lot of fun to discuss but there are some early round games between players with similar resumes and/or similar playing styles that we have had a lot of fun debating. Check out the Best NBA Player of All Time Bracket Challenge here and let us know what you think!

Game of Thrones Bracket!

If you’re like us, you’re dying for the next season of Game of Thrones to start. HBO took this year off and are making us wait a bit longer to see the show’s final few episodes. Since the show is nearing its completion, we actually have a lot of great data about the characters that we were able to use to make an ultimate Game of Thrones bracket challenge.

We seeded the top 64 characters based on the number of minutes of screen time they’ve had on the show over the first seven seasons. This balanced everything nicely while also slating some excellent first round matchups and exciting potential later matchups as well.

Check out the Game of Thrones bracket challenge and let us know who you picked to go all the way. Summer is here for now, but winter is coming…

2018 Baby Names Bracket Challenges!

Are you having a baby in 2018? It’s possible you’ve already picked a name for your little guy or gal, but if you haven’t yet, why not fill out a bracket? BracketBlog has taken the top 64 boy names and top 64 girl names of 2018 and placed them into two separate baby name bracket challenges for your enjoyment. Check them out:

Top Baby Boy Names of 2018 Bracket Challenge
Top Baby Girl Names of 2018 Bracket Challenge

Even if you’re not having a baby, it’s fun to pick these brackets based on your favorite names. Is your name in either bracket? What seed were you? Let us know in the comments who won your brackets!

New Music Brackets Up – Nirvana, Foo Fighters, and more!

Ever since we lost Avicii, we’ve been listening to a lot of, not only his music, but also music from many great musicians who we lost too soon. We actually made a “Musicians Lost Too Soon” bracket if you want to check that out.

One of the #1 seeds from that bracket is Kurt Cobain – lead singer of 90s grunge band Nirvana. Naturally this leads us to our Nirvana Bracket Challenge which we actually seeded differently than almost all our other music brackets.

Normally when we seed our music brackets we seed them based on the number of times the band has played their songs live. This works exceptionally well when the band has a large catalog and has also toured for many years. In the case of Nirvana, a band that didn’t tour much and then ultimately disbanded, we had to seed the bracket based on song sales on iTunes.

Along with Nirvana, we’ve also added a Foo Fighters bracket and an Alice In Chains bracket. “Everlong” is an overwhelming favorite in the Foo Fighters bracket, but could “Monkey Wrench” or “Best Of You” ultimately pull an upset? We like the #1 seeds in the Alice In Chains bracket as well with “Man in the Box” and “Would?” leading the charge. We also like the #3 seeds with “Nutshell” and “Angry Chair.”

We’ll be making a lot more music brackets over the coming weeks so keep an eye out and always remember to check the master page with the complete list of brackets.

BracketBlog Soft Launch

Hi Everyone! Thanks for landing on BracketBlog. We’re excited to have you here. We recently launched the site and have been working on getting some of our initial bracket content out there for you to enjoy. Accompanying these brackets, we’ve been adding ways for you all to vote on the first round matchups as well.

We’d like to give a shout out and thank you to the /r/hotsauce community on Reddit for being so receptive to us sharing our Hot Sauce Foods Bracket with them and for closing out the first round. We’re going to be doing the second round of that bracket very soon and will post a dedicated blog post announcing that.

We would also like to take this time to call out some of the brackets that are currently set up so that you can vote on the first round matchups.

First, surely to be one of our flagship brackets, make sure to check out: Who Would You Want With You In A Bar Fight?

Disney brackets have been circulating the internet a lot lately. It’s really fun to pick this one! Check out our version of the Disney Bracket Challenge seeded by the amount of money each movie made at the box office.

Harry Potter fan? We have a Harry Potter Bracket Challenge! Vote for your favorite characters in their first round matchups here.

Lastly, for now, we have our Rock ‘n’ Roll Bracket Challenge consisting of rock bands pre-Nirvana seeded by their album sales.

Enjoy! And as always please remember to contact us if you have any feedback or want to submit a bracket idea of your own. We look forward to hearing from you and debating brackets together!


Welcome to BracketBlog!

Thank you for visiting! Here at BracketBlog.com we have a passion for lists, ranking, and debate. We also love picking our March Madness bracket every year. One day, a group of us who have a very active group chat made a bracket consisting of things we talk about a lot. We had so much fun seeding them and debating over which topic, TV show, or funny quote would “win” and advance in the bracket that we thought that others would enjoy this too. Thus, the idea for BracketBlog was born.

We’re currently working on getting brackets loaded up onto the site and having them made readily available for you to view and share with your friends. These brackets were made to spark debate amongst friends; however, they can also be enjoyed just on your own as a fun activity to pass some time. Perhaps you’re sitting on a long flight or have some down time at the office – fill out a bracket!

As the brackets go up, you’ll be able to vote on the first round games of each bracket and then we’ll be posting timely blog entires announcing the winners of that round and each round after while also laying out the games for the round to follow. Check out our “How It Works” page to see the full rundown

Please contact us if you have any feedback or want to submit a bracket idea of your own. We look forward to hearing from you and debating brackets together!