Best NBA Player of All Time

The NBA Finals have kicked off and the Golden State Warriors are playing LeBron James, err, I mean, the Cleveland Cavaliers for the fourth year in a row. The Warriors are already up 2-0 in the series and look well on their way to a 3rd championship in 4 years. Despite the fact that the Warriors are clearly the better team, people can’t shake the idea of the world’s best player leading an inferior team to the championship anyway. Can Cleveland actually win this series?

LeBron has done it before. Two years ago he willed his team to a title by beating the Warriors in game 7. This was the same Warriors team that holds the NBA’s best record and is thus a number one seed in the greatest NBA teams bracket challenge. LeBron did have a better supporting cast that year, but still people like to think…can he do it again?

Today, we place all the greatest basketball players of all time into one single bracket and have them duke it out to see who is the best. Michael Jordan and LeBron James both enter as heavy favorites in their regions. Will they make it into the final for an ultimate showdown? Who would you choose?

The final rounds of this bracket are a lot of fun to discuss but there are some early round games between players with similar resumes and/or similar playing styles that we have had a lot of fun debating. Check out theĀ Best NBA Player of All Time Bracket Challenge here and let us know what you think!

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