Disney Bracket!

With the recent release of the Incredibles 2 we wanted to take a moment and single out our Disney Bracket Challenge here at BracketBlog. There have been countless Disney brackets that have popped up over the last year and we believe that ours is seeded the best.

We recently did a small sample size of the Disney Bracket and the results were a bit surprising. The heavily favored Lion King did find its way to the final game but lost in an upset to the 13 seeded Little Mermaid! It was an amazing victory for the Little Mermaid which clawed its way to the final four on the backs of its strong soundtrack and memorable characters like the crab Sebastian and villainous octopus Ursula.

Along with the Little Mermaid and the Lion King, Toy Story 3 and Beauty & the Beast were the other two movies that found themselves in the Final Four. There were some awesome early round showdowns and upsets. #14 seed Fox and the Hound made it to the sweet 16 knocking off #3 Cinderella (irony) and #11 Mulan. Mulan had an upset of its own beating out #6 Cars before losing to Fox and the Hound.

Have any of you filled out the Disney Bracket? Who made it to your final four?

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