How It Works

Thank you for visiting! We’re excited to have you here. We hope that you share our passion for debate, lists, and ranking and enjoy these brackets as much as we do. Please enter your email address in the field above so we can send you brackets each time a new one goes up. Here’s how BracketBlog works:

Initial Bracket Posting and First Round Voting

It’s always an exciting day when a new bracket goes up! We’ll send an email to our subscriber base letting them know and share the new bracket on our social media channels. If you like the bracket, please help us spread the word and share it too! When a new bracket is posted the dedicated bracket page will consist of the full bracket in a printable format (set your page to print landscape) and contain matchup analyses for each first round contest. After each matchup blurb you’ll see a box where you get to vote on the winner.

First Round Closes and Accompanying Blog Post Goes Live

Once the bracket has been shared enough and each first round contest has enough votes, we’ll be able to see who won each game and who advances to the next round. It is at this time when we will be posting a blog post announcing the winners of the first round and what the matchups will be for the next round. In a standard, 64 team bracket there will now be 32 entires remaining.

Additional Round Voting Accompanied By Blog Posts As They Close

We will repeat this process until the bracket reaches its final four and then ultimately its championship game. We’ll be sharing and alerting our fans and subscribers the entire way so they can follow along with the bracket and make sure they get to vote each round.

Final Bracket

Upon completion of a bracket we’ll be posting a new, dedicated bracket page with the completed, filled out version of the initial bracket so that people can share and debate the final results with their friends.

New Brackets, Ideas, and Getting Involved

BracketBlog works because we all share a passion for debate, lists, rankings and ultimately enjoy the idea of a tournament. It’s fun. There’s a reason people who don’t watch a single college basketball game pick a March Madness bracket every year. It’s cool to see if you’re right. BracketBlog takes brackets beyond just basketball and beyond just the month of March.

If you have a great idea for a bracket, please send it to us! We want to know about it and we will get it posted on the site.

Maybe you don’t have an idea right now, but you love the concept of brackets about anything. If this is true, help us grow! Please join our email list, like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter and Instagram. Please also share your favorite brackets. Let people know about BracketBlog. Tweet, post, blog…whatever it is you do, spread the word!

Yours in the bracket picking spirt, the team at