Welcome to BracketBlog!

Thank you for visiting! Here at BracketBlog.com we have a passion for lists, ranking, and debate. We also love picking our March Madness bracket every year. One day, a group of us who have a very active group chat made a bracket consisting of things we talk about a lot. We had so much fun seeding them and debating over which topic, TV show, or funny quote would “win” and advance in the bracket that we thought that others would enjoy this too. Thus, the idea for BracketBlog was born.

We’re currently working on getting brackets loaded up onto the site and having them made readily available for you to view and share with your friends. These brackets were made to spark debate amongst friends; however, they can also be enjoyed just on your own as a fun activity to pass some time. Perhaps you’re sitting on a long flight or have some down time at the office – fill out a bracket!

As the brackets go up, you’ll be able to vote on the first round games of each bracket and then we’ll be posting timely blog entires announcing the winners of that round and each round after while also laying out the games for the round to follow. Check out our “How It Works” page to see the full rundown

Please contact us if you have any feedback or want to submit a bracket idea of your own. We look forward to hearing from you and debating brackets together!

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